This January, a hospital from the Netherlands will be hosting a charity event, where they hope to raise funds for a medical clinic in West-Africa. One of my fellow students, a member of the organizing committee, approached me. She asked whether I would be willing to donate an artpiece for the charity auction they will host.

When it comes to fair and honest causes, this is definitly one of them. I promised her I would draw and/or paint an artwork for the occassion.


You can view the progress I have made so far in the featured imaged above. I couldn’t decide whether I would want to donate an traditional artwork, or a digital one. But then I thought: why not both? Starting with a rough sketch made with soft pastels on structured, toned paper. It is composed using just three basic colours: soft tones of blue, green and purple. Next step was intergrating the drawing to the digital medium by photographing it. And now I am in the proces of adding digital paint and altering the colours for a bit.

It’s not finished yet, the drawing needs more colour and details, but I am getting there.

The finished artwork will be posted here soon, so be sure to check in!

Love, Eve

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