Recently, I was asked to draw and design a poster for an American filmproject called Fault;  a short film which tells the story of a young couple who must face the aftermath of a tragedy. The writer of the screenplay, a talented young actress who goes by the name of Shauna Richardson, was looking for a unique way for a unique cover and contacted me.

Me! Haha! Can imagine my delight when I read about this project? Of course, I said yes. And a couple of e-mails, draft drawings, colour changes, name placement adjustments, loads of coffee and maybe a glass of red wine (or two) later, the poster displayed above became the endresult. I am ever so pleased with the poster, and so where the people across the pond! It became one of their promotional posters and can be viewed on their IG page (IG account: faultfilm).

Watch the progress of this filmproject on  their IG as well as their IMDB page: Fault – Short Film . I will be updating some time later about this project as well.

Now it’s time for my next project: an artpiece for a charity auction hosted by the hospital I worked at. Will be updating regularly, so be sure too check in soon!

Lots of love, Eve

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