How to improve your art


Lately I have been working my butt off; not only at my regular job, but also with my artwork. I felt I got stuck at a certain level and I wasn’t showing any progress whatsoever. It is quite the unsatisfied feeling, frustating even. Until I rediscovered an old artfolder on my laptop – I think it dates back to 2012? – and started comparing those drawing to  my recent drawings.

My oh my.

Both drawings above show Hermione Granger, portrayed by Emma Watson in the Harry Potter movies . The one  on the left was made in 2012, the one on the right I finished this June. Apparently, I got a better sense of facial proportions, facial angles, background, skin color, lights and shadows and so on…

It was a relieve to notice these major changes. It means that my progress is slow, but there is progress. And then I got an idea: why not analyse how I my progress was influenced over the years and make a  “how to improve your artwork” blogseries on my site? With tutorials, inspirational artists, reviews and video’s? So you guys can perhaps learn from my mistakes?

This is exactly what I will be doing for the next couple of weeks. Be sure to check in to learn how to improve your own artwork!

Love, Eve