Deviantart account


Just a short and quick update!

First of all, the image above is my new piece, I hope you like it! First time I actually put some effort into a background, and I think I should practice on backgrounds more often. It actually enhances the drawing 🙂

Second, as of today I got a Deviantart account: Devianart. If you are not familiar with Deviantart, I highly suggest you check it out! It is an amazing site that supports artists from all ovr the globe by bringing them together. Here you can find great art pieces, inspiration for new works and resources such as textures and stock photo’s. The stock photo for the image above is from Mirish, she has great stock photo’s in her gallery.

Will post more art soon, I promise!

Love, Eve

Edit: Made a Tumblr account as well: Tumblr



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